Where you should repair your engine? Help from a mechanic

In accident the crankcase of the car engine, the engine oil the oil movable androtating surfaces between crankshaft bearings andconnecting rods, approaching the pistons to the crankshaft. Engine oil stores is stored in the lower part of the housing. In and some engines with reduced format, such as lawn mowers, the pants parts of the connecting rod submerged are oil, splashing the casing, to rub the internal parts.

In engines contemporary vehicles, the oil pump takes oil from the container for oil andsends it through the oil filter to galleries from which oil lubricates critical bearings, helping various bearings which function in valves – when is not the case, necessary is uszczelki perkins. In current, typical vehicles, pressurized engine oil from oil galleries moves towards run overwhelming bearings, andenters through the holes of the key bearings in the crankshaft. From these bushings, towards the main bearings, the oil moves by support passages in the center of the crankshaft towards run holes output in a rod with bearings in order to lubricate the bearings of the andconnecting rods.