Crash on the road? Call roadside assistance

On the roads are able to come across various situations. They move different drivers, also you who do not fully comply with regulations of road traffic. For this reason has the right there are many car crashes – verifies this is pomoc drogowa Kraków. Any of us have a duty right to prepare for such an event. In the event of an accident, we will have an idea what to do to in order to get compensation, as well as and other privileges. That is why must there is no obligation to call the police.

Then simply in the world important turns out to write a statement from point of the event. Must remain it approved by 2 drivers. A police call is made at time when during a given accident a fire brigade, ambulance is called. Also, when left injured persons, whether to a crime was committed. Also when when the driver does not has certificates, insurance. If we will call the police at such a moment, then they will manage to find out who is the perpetrator of accident.